Sunday, July 13, 2014

Back to the pool

Well they had me back in the rehab pool Friday.  During my OT session, the second part of it, she decided to use the pool for a half hour since it was unused. I was scheduled to be in the pool for PT. So I was in the pool for a total of 1.5hrs.
The bottom of the pool is a treadmill.  So I walked forward, backwards, and side to side. Also did some stair stepping,  then worked on my balance.  Needless to say, I gave my legs a workout.
The cool thing about the pool is, the bottom raises up and down.  Makes it easy to get in and out. Unless your legs aren't use to working out that long. So as the bottom raises and gravity returns.  Standing there holding on to the rail, you feel you weight return, and we'll,  my right leg was tired and didn't want to work and I had to sit down.
Thought I just need to rest a bit,  but that didn't work, still kept giving out on me.
When we work my legs I alway joke that I needed a wheelchair,  but this time I needed one.
After getting dressed, they wheeled me out to the car and got me in. Once at home I had to bust out the walker to get me in the house. It took about 2 hrs to regain my strength back. To my surprise, I wasn't a sore as I thought I was going to be. Go back for more Monday.

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