Tuesday, November 19, 2013

PT Time

Been home for 3 weeks doing the PT exercises physical therapist in Chicago had me. After waiting, I finally got into physical therapy Wednesday.
Legs and ankles are still weak, so I can't wait to get started.  Gonig to be a long process, but I'm up for it.

Time To Go HOME

After being discharged only on thing left to do, labs on Monday.  On Tuesday we flew out of Midway back to HOUSTON.  Flying back went pretty smooth,  except for the TSA fell up.  Was wearing my skull cap, and they made me remove it,  and they didn't even check it.
After 3 hour flight, we finally made it home, and it's tine for dinner, WHATABUGER TIME!!!
How I missed my bed...

Day +10

I got my 2 am lab results back, and nurse said all my numbers were  up, and if Dr. Burt liked my numbers I could be discharged. Dr. Burt wanted the nurse to give me my nuepogen shot early, and check my numbers at 2 pm and if my numbers are good I could be discharged!
Packed my stuff, and got my PICC out finally and was discharged!
Thank you to all the nurses great care of me during the day.
Thank you to PT Crystal for getting me up and moving about.
Dr. Burt, Kelly, and Amy did a wonderful job.