Friday, October 4, 2013

Loooooooong Day

My day at the hospital started at 7 a.m. Monday to get my catheter placed in. The procedure took about an hour and a half, relatively quick and painless. Then I had to go to the blood center for a blood lad to see how many cells they could havest. Since I couldn't eat or drink after midnight,  I got a break while waiting for the results,  for breakfast and a drink. I got hooked up around 11ish for harvest. The harvest finished up around 2:15 p.m.. I had to keep my catheter until I get my platelet and stem cell count back. They told me it would take 2 hours. 6 o'clock rolls around and I finally got my results,  so I finally got my catheter out, then they made wait til 6:30 befor I could go.  We got back to the hotel at 7:15 and ate then past out..
They only needed 3 million stem cells, they harvested 9.2 million stem cells from me. I guess it was worth the wait.

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